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A whirlwind of Twitter chats as the seasons change

Do you join in Twitter chats?

Do you have a favourite you make a point of joining?

Are you always coming in just as the chat is over?

As always, I’ve got lots of questions springing to mind.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent rather a lot of time getting involved in Twitter chats, and sometimes it’s good to stand back a little and think about what comes from them, as well as the amount of effort which goes in.

Help for Visitors to ScotlandWhat do you do with #ScotlandHour?

As a holiday home owner, I’m on the look-out for information about my local area, things to recommend to my guests when they arrive, and what’s going on which is likely to interest people looking to book a holiday.  For that reason, I’m a keen participant in the #ScotlandHour chat.  Coming together with other businesses once a month to have a discussion around a theme is a good way of ‘virtual networking’.  It’s hoped that the #ScotlandHour chat will continue to attract more people who are looking for information on particular subjects or areas where they’d like to visit, and the plan for 2014 is to continue with the format we have at present.  There will be questions set each month around a theme.  The questions will be announced a week before the chat, thus giving everyone time to prepare answers, look out photographs to contribute, and so on.  A personal goal will be to do more with the information I find when I research for a monthly theme.  I’m a bit of a Twitter fan (yes!), and do have a tendency to prepare Tweets, join the chat and then move on, stopping only briefly to summarise the overall chat using Storify.  But a blog post summarising discoveries, or even just my own answers to the Tweets, would give a more permanent record.  Must do better.

ScotlandHour website: http://www.scotlandhour.com/

ScotlandHour on Twitter: @ScotlandHour

ScotlandHour Facebook: ScotlandHour

monthly twitter chat #EdinHourKeeping it local with #EdinHour

As one of the 6 permanent hosts of #ScotlandHour, I was approached to join a small group of independent businesses in Edinburgh to set up a similar idea in our capital city, headed up by Rob Wilkinson of the Valentine Guest House.  The idea behind #EdinHour was to boost knowledge of the immediate area in which our businesses are based.  The format is still experimental, and we’re looking for more hosts to join in and help us discover more about what’s going on in Edinburgh and what’s good to do in our local areas.  There is a distinct tourism slant to the chats which have taken place so far, but we continue to encourage more individuals to join in and see how things develop.  We have settled on a monthly date: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 9pm – 10pm.  I’m experimenting with creating Pinterest boards on my 2edinburgh Pinterest account to store the ideas which occur around the theme.  Again, using this type of chat as a holiday home owner, I’m using it for focusing on what’s happening in the city, keeping in touch with businesses which might be of interest to our visitors, and other snippets of information which emerge.  It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to blog about your business.

EdinHour website: EdinburghHour.com

EdinHour on Twitter: @EdinHour

Monthly Twitter chat - ScotFood

Tasty treats with the #ScotFood chat

As the social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, I’m always on the look out for ways we can enhance the festival.  Part of that mission is to keep the Festival at the forefront of the minds of food producers who want to come to Crail to sell their wares, and to connect with people who like to celebrate local food, or who might like to come along or get involved in the events we stage.  That was the reason behind setting up the #ScotFood chat.  However, a food chat about Fife alone, or just the village of Crail, wouldn’t meet those objectives: thus the idea for #ScotFood came about.  It happens on the first Monday of each month, between 9 pm and 10 pm.  This slot was chosen in the hope that we’d be able to reach chefs as well as others involved in the food sector.  In discussion with Fife’s Food Ambassador, Christopher Trotter, we thought that a rolling agenda with hosts from different areas of Scotland would allow each area to feature in a different season each time the chat came around to their area.  At present, the chats are mapped out through 2014, with hosts still sought for some areas.  My role in this is to seek assistance from the hosts in setting questions each month, to provide a place (on this site) where questions will be posted, or to encourage hosts to write their own blog posts listing the questions. I’m also building lists on my Twitter account to reflect those who join in or who are based in each area.

More about ScotFood: Setting up a ScotFood Twitter Chat

Role of hosts/participants: How to host ScotFood Chat/How to Participate

More Tourism Twitter Chats

Do you have any favourite tourism or food related chats on Twitter which you like to join?  Do let me know what you’re getting out of them by commenting on the post.

#TTOT – A weekly Twitter chat for keen travellers and bloggers – run at 9:30 am and 9:30 pm UK Time each Tuesday – read more here.

#FriFotos – a weekly sharing of photographs from our travels, with photographs around a theme.  The theme is announced on a Tuesday, photos are shared all day long on a Friday. More by following @FriFotos.

#TourismTuesday – is B2B networking & support for UK based tourism operators, 8 – 9pm 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month. Search out @TourismTuesday on Twitter for more.

#CottageHour – a weekly chat on Tuesdays between 8 and 9 pm where holiday home owners meet for discussion and networking.  Chats like this one are a good way to find others in your industry.  Follow @CottageHour for more information.




We’ve got a big area to cover this month in our #ScotFood chat, and I’m looking forward to finding out more – having just spent a most enjoyable weekend in Oban, Mull and Iona.  Our hosts this month on Twitter are @scotfooddrinks, @littlebaytrade, @albachick and @boathhouse – make sure you’re following them as they Tweet out the questions.  All welcome to join in – as long as you follow the format and help us find out more about your business as well as the food and drink of the region.  Just be on Twitter at 9 pm on Monday 7 October 2013, and be ready with some answers, photographs and good chat.

The questions are:

9:00 pm Q1 Introduce yourself – first name, first part of postcode, some info about your business or interest in food #ScotFood

9:10 pm Q2 What Scottish foods and drinks do you have to start your day #startscottish #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q3 What’s your favourite #scotfood to pair with Malts from the Argyll & Isles Whisky Coast?

9:30 pm Q4  Recommend a local product/ brand/ business which you’d like to see crowd-funded to help develop? #ScotFood

9:40 pm Q5 Autumn harvest – Tweet us a pic or recipe of what you’re cooking or eating in season? #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q6  What are the specialities from Highlands, Argyll and Isles you’d like us to know about? #ScotFood
10:00 pm Twitter Chat ends

I’m new to Twitter Chats – what do I do to join in?

Sign up for a reminder on Twtvite to make sure you don’t miss the chat.

Follow the hosts on Twitter, and when you see them Tweet out the questions, remembering to start your answer with A1 (A2, A3 etc) and include the tag #ScotFood answer: e.g. A1 Susan, EH4, help food festivals with social media and likes cake #ScotFood

Follow the chat either by using #ScotFood in your search on Twitter, or by using a tool such as Tweetchat.com to focus on Tweets using the tag.

Comment on or share answers from others, remembering to include the #ScotFood tag.

Follow those who join in the tag.

It can move quite fast if we get lots of people joining in, so we’ll publish summaries of the chat using a tool called Storify.  Follow @SusanMcNaughton to see the links to the stories after the chat is over.  This can help you to find more people to follow in the area.

Help for Hosts

Notes for ScotFood Tweet Chat  hosts can be found in this blog post.  Just Tweet me @SusanMcNaughton if you’ve any questions.  Look forward to having as many people join in the chat as possible.

ScotFood - Scottish SeafoodThanks for the support from Tourism Intelligence Scotland – read their article about how ScotFood can help your business here.



ScotFood Tweet Chat 2 Sept 2013 – Grampian Region Focus

We’re continuing in our quest to run a monthly Twitter Chat on the first Monday of each month 9 – 10 pm.  This month, the hosts are drawn from the Grampian Region, with Claire @foodiequine, Karen @MissKazzieB, Lee @olivetreechocs, Claire @BerrieClaire,  all ready to Tweet out the questions for you to answer and join in the chat.

The questions are:

9:00 pm Q1 Introduce yourself – first name, first part of postcode, some info about your business or interest in food #ScotFood

9:10 pm Q2 Are you running an event for ScotFoodFortnight? Tell us where, when & why we should come along? #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q3 What products would you put in your ideal Scottish hamper? #ScotFood

9:30 pm Q4 What is your favorite Grampian foodie trail? #ScotFood

9:40 pm Q5 Where is your favourite local deli, eatery or speciality food shop and why? #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q6 What Scottish food should be showcased at the Commonwealth Games 2014? #Scotfood

10:00 End of #ScotFood until 7 October 2013 from 9 – 10 pm, when the focus is on Highland, Argyll & the Isles #ScotFood

To join in:

Sign up for a reminder on Twtvite to make sure you don’t miss the chat.

Follow the hosts on Twitter, and when you see them Tweet out the questions, remembering to start your answer with A1 (A2, A3 etc) and include the tag #ScotFood answer: e.g. A1 Susan, EH4, help food festivals with social media and likes cake #ScotFood

Follow the chat either by using #ScotFood in your search on Twitter, or by using a tool such as Tweetchat.com to focus on Tweets using the tag.

Comment on or share answers from others, remembering to include the #ScotFood tag.

Follow those who join in the tag.

Read Foodie Quine’s blog about the Grampian ScotFood chat.

Read Berry Scrumptious blog about the Grampian ScotFood chat.




September in Scotland – focus on food and drink

Living in Edinburgh, September is a little like “the month after the month before”, where the city settles down a little after all the excitement of the August festivals, and things get back to normal.  When travelling across the city, it’s more likely that I’ll reach my destination without having to build in the extra 30 minutes travelling time which seems necessary for every journey in August.  It’s also time for getting back to accepting invitations, like the Edinburgh Bakers – It’s Good 2 Eat Cake fundraiser to raise funds for the Edinburgh children’s cancer charity It’s Good 2 Give.

So, it was with great delight that I’ve accepted another invitation this month, to speak at the second Taste Ayrshire Food Blogger’s Conference on Saturday 28 September 2013.  The conference is being held at Ayr Racecourse.  Sneak preview information was gleaned from Twitter yesterday in these two Tweets:

Taste Ayrshire Food Blogger's ConferenceDetails of the Taste Ayrshire Food Blogger's Conference

So, if you’re interested in coming along – follow the instructions above.

As one of the hosts of Twitter chats #ScotlandHour and #ScotFood, there’s a focus on September’s Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight for both.  First of all, on 28 August 2013 (9-10pm), the theme for ScotlandHour will be “Scotland’s Natural Larder” , with the questions being:

ScotlandHour food focus

We’re still finalising  the questions for #ScotFood for the chat on 2 September 2013 (9-10 pm), and fellow hosts for this month’s visit to the Grampian region are @foodiequine, @MissKazzieB, @berrieclaire and @olivetreechocs – if you’d like to help host, we’d be happy to have another couple of volunteers!

We’re also looking for more hosts for future #ScotFood chats, so please reply to this post if you’d like to volunteer.  It’s a fun way of finding out more about Scotland’s Food and Drink, and meeting others who share your enthusiasm.

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ScotFood TweetChat – 5 August 2013 – Ayrshire & Arran

While preparing for the next #ScotFood chat, I found this image on Twitter from Theresa at @OutlanderKitchn which has inspired me to keep trying to grow the #ScotFood Twitter chat.  Doesn’t it look like an inviting picnic?

Smoked salmon, venison salami, organic cheeses, oatcakes and beer

All Scottish Food from Outlander Kitchen

This photograph is an example of what I’m hoping to help inspire for visitors and tourists in Scotland – the idea that there is wonderful Scottish food and drink to be found as you travel around the country. Theresa took the photograph while cruising on Loch Ness, and later visited my holiday home in Edinburgh where we discussed ideas for places to go and food experiences to be had in the immediate vicinity. She went to visit Beth and Fiona at @CranachanCrowd and spent an hour there discussing all manner of foodie ideas, and also to eat at Paul Wedgwood’s (@ChefWedgwood) restaurant in the Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh where she really enjoyed her meal.  I’m looking forward to reading more!  Theresa writes her wonderful Outlander Kitchen blog for fans of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series of books, which are about to be made into a television series – causing all manner of excitement amongst the Outlander fans, as well as being a source of new employment in Scotland as a new film production unit is opened in Cumbernauld.

So, let’s see what we can discover as we focus our August #ScotFood chat on Ayrshire and Arran.  We’ve already got host Howard Wilkinson @HowardFarm ready; @TasteAyrshire, @BarwheysDairy and @PierslandHouse have volunteered too, and I’ll tweet the questions on @CrailFood Fest and @SusanMcNaughton – but we’re always keen to have more hosts to help spread the word (and tweet out the questions for you to discuss).  Foodie writer @foodiequine will help out too as a practice for next month.

ScotFood Chat 5 August 2013 Questions (revised as of 5:30 pm on 5 August 2013):

9:00 pm Q1.  Introduce yourself and greet others who are joining in (first name, business name, first part of postcode) #ScotFood

9:10 pm Q2. Where are your favourite places to eat in Ayrshire & Arran? #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q3.  What’s in season and tasty right now, and how are you preparing it? #ScotFood

9:30 pm Q4. Ayrshire & Arran produce some fabulous Artisan cheeses, which is your favourite? #ScotFood

9:40 pm Q5.  Ayrshire & Arran make wonderful ice-cream.  What are your favourite flavours? #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q6. Ayrshire Food Festival is  21 – 29 Sept Businesses hold events on their premises  What kind of events would excite you? #ScotFood

10.00 pm End of #ScotFood chat – next one 2 September where we’re covering Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray – submit your questions here:

Sign up for the TweetChat here to be reminded when it’s on: http://twtvite.com/ScotFoodAug13

Read about how to host or participate here: http://www.susanmcnaughton.co.uk/2013/06/practical-tweet-chats-working-notes-for-scotfood-chat/

Read about the schedules for future chats here: http://www.susanmcnaughton.co.uk/2013/05/setting-up-a-scotfood-twitter-chat/


ScotlandHour Twitter Chat – 31 July 2013 – Parks

ScotlandHourAs it is National Parks Week from 27 July – 4 August 2013, we’re dedicating our ScotlandHour chat this month to discussing our favourite parks – Regional, National and Local.  The questions are:

Q1 – Recommend your favourite Scottish park – & tell us why #ScotlandHour
Q2 – Share your most amazing photo taken in a Scottish park #ScotlandHour
Q3 – Tell us about great park ranger services you’ve experienced #ScotlandHour
Q4 – Share news about events coming up in your local park #ScotlandHour
Q5 – Ideas for great places to stay around National & Regional parks #ScotlandHour
Q6 – Recommend a useful App or digital source when visiting parks in Scotland #ScotlandHour

Get your thinking caps on and think up some answers, then join in on Wednesday 31 July 2013 from 9 – 10 pm.  The questions will be tweeted out by your hosts:


So, when you see a question being asked, just answer using the format A1 ……. your answer…….. #ScotlandHour – that’s all you need to do.  If you see Tweets with answers you like, go ahead and Retweet (RT) or Favourite them, and spread the word.

ScotlandHour Website re-launch

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put together a new ScotlandHour website where you’ll be able to find out about future #ScotlandHour Tweet-ups, news, and archives of the discussions from our previous #ScotlandHour chats.  All great resources if you’re thinking of visiting Scotland – just browse through to find fellow Tweeters who might be able to help as you plan your trip.  If you’re a business welcoming visitors to Scotland, it’s a great way to meet others and find out more about your area and beyond.

Looking forward to hearing your answers to our chat about parks – and to visiting some on my travels round Scotland.



ScotlandHour – Twitter Chat 26 June 2013 – Water

Having spent last weekend surrounded by water at Crail Harbour as I photographed my way round Crail Food Festival, I’ll have to make some time this week to get organised for the ScotlandHour Twitter chat which is on Wednesday 26 June 2013, with the theme of  Water: Sailing, Cruises, Canals and Waterways, Watersports

Crail Harbour with fishing boats

Crail Harbour as we prepared for Crail Food Festival 2013

The questions which will be Tweeted out are:

Q1 – 9.00pm – What’s your idea of a great day out on the water and where?

Q2 –  9.10pm – Recommend good (family-friendly) water-based activities in Scotland

Q3 – 9.20pm – Scotland’s Canals & Waterways– where to go and what to see?

Q4 – 9.30pm – Leisure sailing & marinas in Scotland – where would you recommend?

Q5 – 9.40pm – Share a memorable water-based journey in Scotland

Q6 – 9.50pm – Share a favourite spot for wild swimming on Scotland’s shores

To participate:

  • Remember to start your answer A1… A2, etc so that we can group answers together to provide useful information for potential visitors
  • Use tag #ScotlandHour in your Tweet
  • Answer the six questions sharing information about your area, or another area of Scotland you know well
  • Recommend other businesses, don’t just focus on your own.  It’s all about sharing.
  • Interact with other participants by asking questions or commenting on their suggestions
  • Keep it upbeat and positive – we’re reaching out to potential visitors to Scotland
  • After the hour, check the stories we create (links will be posted by the hosts on Twitter and on the Facebook page)
  • Follow others you meet during ScotlandHour – they all share an interest in Scotland

Your hosts are: Douglas Baird @BairdTravelsAileen Lamb @AileenLamb,Lesley Judge @LesleyJudgeMark Calpin @HIEHamiltonFiona Drane@FionaDrane and Susan McNaughton , @SusanMcNaughton and there is an@ScotlandHour account to follow too.  All the hosts will be Tweeting out the questions for you to answer.

If you enjoy joining in ScotlandHour, we’d love it if you used the information you found here to write blog posts for visitors to find and help to share the varied types of holiday, short break or day trip – remember to share them with us so that we can pass the information to our visitors too!

Summary and Round Up of Answers for the #ScotlandHour chat about Water – Sailing, Cruises, Canals and Waterways, Water Sports

After the Twitter chat on 26 June 2013, I created a series of stories using the tool Storify to curate the Tweets and their answers.  Here are the links:

Q1 – 9.00pm – What’s your idea of a great day out on the water and where?

Answers in this Storify: Answers to the question “What’s your idea of a great day out on the water and where?”

Q2 –  9.10pm – Recommend good (family-friendly) water-based activities in Scotland

Answers in this Storify: Recommend good (family-friendly) water-based activities in Scotland

Q3 – 9.20pm – Scotland’s Canals & Waterways– where to go and what to see?

Answers in this Storify: Scotland’s Canals & Waterways– where to go and what to see?

Q4 – 9.30pm – Leisure sailing & marinas in Scotland – where would you recommend?

Answers in this Storify: Leisure sailing & marinas in Scotland – where would you recommend?

Q5 – 9.40pm – Share a memorable water-based journey in Scotland

Answers in this Storify: Share a memorable water-based journey in Scotland

Q6 – 9.50pm – Share a favourite spot for wild swimming on Scotland’s shores

Answers in this Storify: Share a favourite spot for wild swimming on Scotland’s shores

And a round-up of all the Tweets, to catch those which didn’t use the Q1/A1 answer and reply:

Round up of all the Water theme tweets for ScotlandHour in June 2013


Practical Tweet Chats – working notes for ScotFood Chat

Following the first ScotFood Tweet chat on 3 June 2013, these notes serve as an aide memoire for the practical steps to get more from being involved in Twitter Chats.  It’s all about making connections among the participants, and having opportunities for more people to get involved in future chats.

Second ScotFood Chat – 1 July 2013 9-10 pm

To keep the #ScotFood momentum going after a somewhat shaky start, here are some suggestions for questions for 1 July:

9:00 pm Welcome to #ScotFood – introduce yourself and greet others (Name, business, first part of postcode).

[You reply, for example:   “Hello, I’m Susan, my business is @SusanMcNaughton. I help @CrailFoodFest and live in EH4 #ScotFood”]

9:10 pm Q1 Tell us what’s in season and tasty at the moment in Perthshire, Dundee and Angus #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q2 What do you like to make with seasonal ingredients right now? #ScotFood

9:30 pm Q3 Tell us about a favourite place for food/drink in Perthshire, Dundee and Angus #ScotFood

9:40 pm Q4 Do you forage or food swap in Perthshire, Dundee or Angus? Tell us more… #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q5 Who would you most like to answer a question about #ScotFood, and what’s the question?

10:00 pm Goodnight from #ScotFood  chat – remember to follow those you’ve met here. Next one 5 August

You can join in by sending Tweets throughout the hour answering the questions, remembering to start your answers with A1, A2 etc and include #ScotFood in every Tweet.

Hosts for the second #Scotfood chat are @ScottishDeli, @SarahMellersh, @ScarletBakery.  To keep things going, @SusanMcNaughton and @CrailFoodFest will also Tweet out the questions.  Follow the hosts to ensure that you see the questions on the night.


For ScotFood Tweet Chat Hosts

Before the next ScotFood chat, hosts can prepare by:

    • gathering a list of 4/5 questions to be tweeted out at regular intervals throughout the hour
      • will hosts ‘crowdsource’ by asking Twitter followers, or will each decide upon a question?
    • create a blog post or several blog posts giving information about
      • time of the chat
      • date of the chat
      • hosts for the chat
      • questions for the chat
    • encourage others to join in
    • know about tools to participate (signing in to TweetChat.com is a good way to participate)
    • know about tools to record/blog afterwards
    • have a way of monitoring the tag, e.g.
      • Set up a column on Hootsuite or TweetDeck
      • Save a search on your phone and monitor regularly
      • Rebelmouse – set up a page for your Tag
      • Use Storify to group Tweets after the chat and publish a story
      • Use Tweet-Tag.com to monitor participation on the day (up to 2,000 Tweets are recorded free)
    • RT or favourite Tweets that they like or find useful during the chat

For ScotFood Tweet Chat Participants

  1. Things to do after a TweetChat
    • Follow others who have joined in
    • Write up a post for your business’s blog about what happened or what you learned
      • Does this lead to an action plan for your business?
      • Use Storify to gather Tweets
    • Add participants to a Twitter list (what’s the best tool for this?)
    • Respond to Tweets to continue the conversation
    • Diarise the next TweetChat – take a note of who’s hosting and which accounts to look out for in preparation
  2. Preparation for joining in the next TweetChat
    • A day or two before, check Tweets from next hosts for details of the chat
    • Think about how you’re going to answer questions and prepare Tweets ahead of time
    • Search out photographs or blog posts to help illustrate your answers
    • Be there on the night and join in the conversation
    • Remember to include the tag in all your Tweets, otherwise your Tweets won’t be seen (it’s easy to forget in the excitement and speed of the chat!)

Searching for tools to make Twitter Lists:


http://commun.it/?utm_campaign=Listly&utm_medium=list&utm_source=listly – looks good for monitoring and Twitter engagement.  Excellent for adding users of a tag to lists easily.  There is a monthly charge for use.

IFTTT = If this then that – way to search for people mentioning ScotFood and add them to a Twitter list.  Have created an IFTTT recipe: https://ifttt.com/myrecipes/personal/3778287 – not yet working?

Tips on how to use and add to lists on Hootsuite: https://hootsuite.zendesk.com/entries/22261678-Creating-and-Adding-Twitter-Lists-in-Streams





A quick update on the first ScotFood Twitter chat which took place on 3 June 2013.

Overall, “could have done better” would be my personal impression.  We had a few issues with the running of the chat, purely due to the fact that Twitter failed us part way through the hour.  I was using TweetChat.com to monitor the chat and participate on behalf of @CrailFoodFest.  The first indication I had was around 9:15 when everything seemed to stop…

Sorry folks. Having a technical problem here... #ScotFood
Crail Food Festival

Our host @thomsok ploughed on, reporting at around 9:40 that we were back again

Hooray, I think we are back on! #Scotfood
Kelvin Thomson

Our host @SeafoodRestau was the only one who seemed to be able to Tweet out the second question (which was due to go at 9:20)

Q2 What type of food do you think best describes/reflects what Fife has to offer? #ScotFood
Tim Butler

I’d scheduled the questions to go out via Hootsuite – but when Twitter stopped working, the scheduled questions failed to go – so my questions scheduled for 9:10 and 9:20 are missing from Twitter.

A lesson in running a TweetChat? Or just bad luck?

Good News from ScotFood

Results from the first #ScotFood


We had a good turnout from the Scottish food and drink community, with over 100 people joining in during the hour, and the chat continuing for another hour afterwards as people struck up conversations and chatted to people they’d met within the hour.

A personal favourite came from a conversation between @Balgove and @flintriverltd about buying locally sourced lobster which started before the chat, and continued after.  The sort of advice which can flow when Twitter is used as a way of connecting people who want information with others who have it.

Chat during ScotFoodWe had a wide cross section from the Scottish Food and Drink scene joining in, with restaurants, farm shops, a food festival, producers, suppliers, food writers and food bloggers joining in.  And those that missed it were really sorry! But even an apology led to some fun chat.

Twitter   scotfoodjames  Very sorry  been out tonight ...


If you’d like to review the Tweets from ScotFood, I’ve pulled them together “First ScotFood Twitter Chat” on Storify for you.  If you’re a food blogger you will find a rich seam of content flowing through this which you might use to create a post.  Let me know by commenting below if you do.  If you participated, equally we’d like to know some top tips for growing and progressing from this somewhat shaky beginning.

Next month’s ScotFood chat will be hosted by @ScottishDeli, @ScarletBakery, @SarahMellersh (and you, if you’d like to join in?) – details of the forthcoming schedule “Setting up a ScotFood Twitter Chat“.  The hosts will be looking for suggestions for questions, and themes to showcase the food and drink of Perthshire, Dundee and Angus.  Help them out by following them, making suggestions and joining in next time on 1 July 2013 at 9-10 pm.  Put the date in your diary now – you could find out something new!




Questions for the first ScotFood Twitter chat 3 June 2013

The first ScotFood Twitter chat will take place on Monday 3 June 2013 at 9 – 10 pm.  To participate, follow one or more of the hosts for the Fife Focus who will Tweet out the questions:






Timing and questions will be:

03/06/2013 21:00 Welcome to the first #ScotFood chat – introduce yourself and what your business does, or why you’re interested in Scottish Food & Drink
03/06/2013 21:10 Q1 What seasonal Fife food are you enjoying at the moment? How do you cook/prepare? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:20 Q2 What type of food do you think best describes/reflects what Fife has to offer? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:30 Q3 What do you think of “foodstagramming” in restaurants? #ScotFood (via @MissKazzieB)
03/06/2013 21:40 Q4 Where in Fife would you visit for a food experience with a difference? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:50 Open discussion – any questions for other participants? Chance to promote your business or event #ScotFood
03/06/2013 22:00 Thank you for joining #Scotfood – next month, Perthshire, Dundee & Angus 1-Jul-13 at 9 – 10 pm

ScotFood Hosts

Hosts will help the chat along by:

  • Tweeting out invitations to the chat to their contacts in advance, or mentioning the chat at appropriate gatherings, within networks etc
  • Prepare questions in advance and ensure that the Tweets go out  at the correct time.
  • Favourite or RT good contributions from participants
  • Discourage “spamming” of the chat by asking those making random contributions to keep on topic, or blocking persistent offenders
  • Encourage further contributions by engaging with participants
  • Follow others who’ve participated

This is an experiment, a way to see if we can help you to make useful connections around Scotland with others who are interested in food and drink around the country, to help you discover new producers and suppliers, to help you discover restaurants using Scottish produce, and to welcome visitors to and around Scotland who may be interested in tasting the food you enjoy.

ScotFood Participants

How to join in:

Set up a search on Twitter for the tag #ScotFood so that you can see Tweets on the tag.  You might like to use a service such as Tweetchat.com,  Hootsuite.com or Tweetdeck.com to help you keep track.

  • At 9 pm, send a Tweet introducing yourself to the other participants, making sure to include #ScotFood at the end of your Tweet.
  • Answer questions using the format – A1 ….. #Scotfood
  • Join in by discussing answers with other participants
  • After the chat, follow others who’ve joined in
  • If you’ve found out something new, or have new material for a blog post or website article, let us know by continuing to use the tag #ScotFood
  • Invite others to join in, and join again next month

Let us know if you have any good ideas for questions for the next ScotFood chat – you can find the schedule and subject matter here.  We’re looking for hosts/ideas/venues to host Tweetups/ potential sponsors to help out.  Just let us know by commenting below.

Look forward to Tweeting you!