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ScotFood Perthshire, Dundee and Angus 7 April 2014

ScotFood Perth Dundee Angus

On our journeys round the country with the ScotFood Twitter chat, we’re returning for the second time to Perthshire, Dundee and Angus on 7 April 2014 between 9 and 10 pm.  The aim of the chat is to let those who live and work in the area host a discussion on Twitter about what’s good, seasonal and local in the area.  Twitter users from anywhere around the world can join in – all they have to do is mention #ScotFood in their Tweet, and answer the questions which our hosts will set.

Questions are now published below, allowing people who want to join in to find out what we’re talking about, prepare their answers, collect some relevant content about the discussion topics and  perhaps write a blog post about the items to be discussed.

Due to various commitments on the evening of 7 April 2014, we currently have no hosts from within the region for the chat, but @SusanMcNaughton and @CrailFoodFest will be Tweeting out the questions, and hopefully some more of our hosts from other regions will help out too – thanks in advance for your support!

ScotFood Perth Dundee Angus

Date: 7 April 2014

Time: 9 – 10pm


9:00 pm Q1 Introduce yourself, first part of your postcode, reason for joining #ScotFood chat

9:05 pm Q2 Tayside area is known for soft fruit production – what’s your favourite drink made from soft fruit? #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q3 Where would you direct foodie visitors to in Dundee, Angus and Perthshire? #ScotFood

9:35 pm Q4 Share a tip to help local food producers get more from Twitter? #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q5 Please share a photograph or recipe of something you’ve been cooking, eating or drinking this month #ScotFood

Tips for Participants here.

Tips for Hosts here.

To support the Perthshire, Dundee and Angus chat, I’ve used a Pinterest Board to show more about the area – how would you help the area to shine online? Do make suggestions by commenting below:


ScotFood Fife 3 March 2014

We’ve been right round the country with our #ScotFood Twitter chats since the first one last June, and it’s time for Fife to host once more on Monday 3 March 2014 at 9pm.  Our hosts this month are: Christopher (@CTScotFood), Kelvin (@thomsok), Tim (@seafoodrestau), Susan (@CrailFoodFest), Chris (@StAFoodandDrink), and I’ll also be Tweeting questions out on @SusanMcNaughton.  If you’re based in Fife and would like to host future chats, please let me know either via Twitter, or by adding a comment to this post below.  Please add as many photos as you like to illustrate the answers too.

Fife host next ScotFood chat 3 March 2014

Questions are:

9:00 pm Q1 Introduce yourself, your business or foodie interest, first part of your postcode #ScotFood

9:05 pm Q2 What have you been buying locally and cooking with this month? #ScotFood

9:20 pm Q3 Fife has many local foods: which do you use? What else would you like to find produced here but can’t?#ScotFood

9:35 pm Q4 Food Festivals – what events do your children REALLY enjoy joining in? #ScotFood

9:50 pm Q5 Food and Drink matching – what’s your current favourite combination – photos too? #ScotFood

10:00 pm Thanks to Fife for this month’s #ScotFood – next month it’s Perthshire, Dundee and Angus and we’d love more hosts!

Want to know how to join in the ScotFood Chat?

Help for hosts

Help for participants

Put the dates in your diary: 2014/15 Calendar for ScotFood chats

Look forward to hearing what the discussion has to teach us – there’s always something new to find out.





ScotFood Chat 3Feb14 Orkney & Shetland

Ok, confession time… I haven’t ever ventured as far north as the Northern Isles of Scotland, so I’ve been very glad to have the assistance of Elizabeth a.k.a. @TangoRaindrop to help set the questions so that we can highlight Orkney and Shetland in this month’s #ScotFood Twitter Chat.  [click to continue…]


Happy New Year! Hoping for great things this year, and ready to start the year with the first #ScotFood chat.  It’s on Monday 6 January 2014 at 9 – 10 pm.  All you need to join in is a Twitter account, and to tag your tweets #ScotFood.

Follow the hosts for the first ScotFood chat of the year to see the questions being tweeted out:  [click to continue…]


Blogmanay – it’s not just for Edinburgh!

Are you blogging for your business or would your business like to host a blogger this winter?

Creating new and interesting content regularly is a great way to help visitors find out about things to do and see in your area.  For our small holiday home business, creating stories about visits to places our family likes and attractions we enjoy is our way of ensuring that more people like us find out about the properties we have in great Scottish locations. [click to continue…]


ScotFood – 2 December 2013 – 9pm – Glasgow hosts

For the last ScotFood Chat of 2013, the hosting moves to Glasgow and surrounding areas for our chat on 2 December 2013 between 9 – 10 pm.  All those with an interest in food and drink from Scotland welcome to join in.  Keep it up-beat, friendly, and continue the chat by following others you find here.  Hosted this month by:

@TastingScotland – Brenda Anderson – read more about Brenda’s business of providing luxury gourmet food and drink experiences.

@GlasgowFoodie – reviews, views, food and drink in and around Glasgow from Glasgow Foodie on the Food and Drink Glasgow site.

@Melaina25 – a.k.a. Transatlantic Blonde – blogger and reviewer – find out more about her food collaboration as one of the Lassies who Lunch.

Questions are:

9:00 Q1 Introduce yourself to #ScotFood: first name, first part of postcode, your company/blog and what it does?

9:05 Q2  Favourite local suppliers of meats/cheeses etc? Or best food markets? #ScotFood

9:15 Q3 WHO do you think deserves a @MichelinGuides star in Glasgow #ScotFood

9:25 Q4 Which products and producers in your area would you recommend for the best Xmas EVER? #ScotFood

9:35 Q5 Is the Glasgow ‘Burger’ boom a fad or will it burn out ? #ScotFood

9:45 Q6 What’s the furthest you’ve travelled for a food experience and what did you eat? #ScotFood

If you’re new to the ScotFood hour, here are some hints for participants.

If you’d like to host a future ScotFood hour, here are some hints for hosts.

If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s a new fun video from Scotland Food and Drink where we hear those involved in Scotland’s Food and Drink scene describe their thoughts about it for St Andrew’s Day.

Thanks for supporting our idea go to Tourism Intelligence Scotland – read more in their article about finding new opportunities to promote Scottish Food and Drink.



ScotFood chat 4 November 2013 – Edinburgh & Lothians

This month, the #ScotFood chat moves to the Edinburgh and Lothians, where we’ve 4 delightful co-hosts:

Caroline @the_elfherself – blogging about her food adventures at: http://lonelyonasunday.blogspot.co.uk/

Susan @HulaJuiceBar – Juice bar, coffee house and gallery: Hula Juice Bar 103-105 West Bow, Edinburgh – near the Grassmarket and frequent venue for #EdinHour meetings (but that’s another story…).

Danya  @Pickled_ in_Scot – a new venture we’re keen to hear more about: “grow plant forage preserve eat enjoy – Scotland season by season”

Danielle @edinburghfoody – Discovering, enjoying, eating and writing about food and ingredients in Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond. You’ll find Danielle’s blog at: http://www.edinburghfoody.com/

Follow the hosts, invite your friends to join in and answer the questions by using A1…#ScotFood to ensure we scoop up your answers and save them for posterity (and so others can find you).

9:00 Q1 Introduce yourself to #ScotFood: first name, first part of postcode, your company and what it does?
9:05 Q2 As the nights get darker what Scottish comfort food have you been enjoying? #ScotFood
9:15 Q3 What Christmas baking/preserving have you been doing? Any family recipes/traditions you’d like to share? #ScotFood
9:25 Q4 What foraged ingredient has been your “wow” this autumn and why? #ScotFood
9:35 Q5 What new producers/suppliers/restaurants in Edinburgh & the Lothians are you excited about this year? #ScotFood
9:45 Q6 What Scottish street food would you like to eat at a street party? #ScotFood
9:55 Q7 What would be on your menu to celebrate St Andrews Day? #ScotFood

You’ll find tips for hosts here.
Hints for participants here.
Calendar for future #ScotFood chats here.
(links to follow, just editing posts)
Join in the ScotFood chat November 2013



Tips for participants – ScotFood Chat

how to join ScotFood

The ScotFood Twitter Chats were established in June 2013 by me (@SusanMcNaughton) in my role as social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, and in consultation with Christopher Trotter (@CTScotFood), Fife’s Food Ambassador.  We ran the chats for between June 2013 and September 2014 before taking a break to pursue other projects. In 2015, the Year of Food and Drink for Scotland, the folks at Scotland Food and Drink asked if they could use the tag to host themed chats throughout the year. The idea behind the chats is to provide a regular meet up between foodies, food producers, chefs, restaurants, cafés and anyone with an interest in promoting or consuming Scottish Food and Drink.  Joining in the chat provides you with new ideas, allows you to meet new people who share your interests, and to discover more about our abundant Scottish larder.  A different theme for each month of the year – find out what’s next here.

how to join ScotFood

Preparation for joining in the next TweetChat

  • A day or two before, check Tweets from next hosts for details of the chat – which is now hosted by Scotland Food and Drink @Eat_Scottish – details here
  • Think about how you’re going to answer questions and prepare Tweets ahead of time
  • Search out photographs or your own blog posts to help illustrate your answers
  • Find links to the people or businesses you’d like to mention
  • Be there on the night and join in the conversation
  • Remember to include the tag #ScotFood in all your Tweets, otherwise your Tweets won’t be seen (it’s easy to forget in the excitement and speed of the chat!)
  • When joining the chat, start your Tweet with A1 to answer Q1, A2 to answer Q2 etc.  Then your answers will be able to be gathered together with other ideas later.
  • You might like to use a tool like TweetChat.com to help you join in the chat – it automatically adds the #tag to your Tweet, and allows you to reply, re-Tweet or favourite Tweets within the application.  Or set up a column within Hootsuite or TweetDeck to search for others who are Tweeting with the #ScotFood tag.  If you’ve found other useful tools for Tweet chats, do let me know in the comments below so that I may add them to the suggestions.

Things to do after a TweetChat

  • Follow others who have joined in
  • Write up a post for your business’s blog about what happened or what you learned. Does this lead to an action plan for your business?
  • Use Storify to gather Tweets that were relevant to you, or which amused or informed
  • Add participants to a Twitter list (do have a favourite tool for this?) and keep in touch
  • Respond to Tweets to continue the conversation
  • Diarise the next TweetChat – take a note of who’s hosting and which accounts to look out for in preparation

If you’ve joined in the ScotFood chat, I’d love to hear from you if there are any more ideas you have for the chat, or if there are any tips you’d like to share with others.  Just comment below.

Need help with your social media management for your festival, tourism or food-related business? Happy to answer questions – here’s how to reach me.


Tips for Hosts – ScotFood Chat

ScotFood on Twitter Hosting

The ScotFood Twitter Chats were established in June 2013 by me (@SusanMcNaughton) in my role as social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, and in consultation with Christopher Trotter (@CTScotFood), Fife’s Food Ambassador.  The idea behind the chats is to provide a regular meet up between foodies, food producers, chefs, restaurants, cafés and anyone with an interest in promoting or consuming Scottish Food and Drink.  Joining in the chat provides you with new ideas, allows you to meet new people who share your interests, and to discover more about our abundant Scottish larder.  A different region of the country provides the hosts each month, allowing others to discover more about regional differences as well as seasonal specialities.

ScotFood on Twitter Hosting

To prepare for a ScotFood chat, hosts may:

    • suggest some questions to be tweeted out at regular intervals throughout the hour – email to susan [at] susanmcnaughton.com for publication 7 days before the chat is due to take place
    • Susan will support the chat by publishing a blog post with the questions on susanmcnaughton.com
    • If hosts are also bloggers, or have a ‘news’ page on their company website, they may wish to create their own post giving information about
      • time of the chat
      • date of the chat
      • hosts for the chat
      • questions for the chat
    • encourage others to join in by Tweeting links to your own blog post, or Susan’s
    • invite Twitter friends to join in by mentioning #ScotFood in a Tweet to them
    • find out about tools to participate (signing in to TweetChat.com is a good way to participate)
    • find out about tools to record/blog afterwards
    • it’s also good to also have a way of monitoring the tag, e.g.
      • Set up a column on Hootsuite or TweetDeck
      • Save a search on your phone and monitor regularly
      • Rebelmouse – set up a page for your Tag
      • Use Storify to group Tweets after the chat and publish a story
      • Use Tweet-Tag.com to monitor participation on the day (up to 2,000 Tweets are recorded free)

During the chat hosts must:

    • Tweet out the questions at the appropriate time (useful to pre-schedule if you can as the chats can be fast!)  Be sure to start the questions with Q1… Q2 and so on and include #ScotFood in the Tweet

During the chat it’s useful for the hosts to:

    • RT or favourite Tweets that they like or find useful during the chat
    • Follow others who are joining in
    • Engage with and have conversations about the answers which arise

If you’ve hosted a #ScotFood chat – what worked for you, and what do I need to include in the list above?  Any other Twitter tools you find useful? Do let me know by commenting below.


ScotFood Chats and Hosts 2015

The first series of #ScotFood Chats took place from June 2013 – September 2014, and in that time we moved the chat round the whole of Scotland, highlighting food and drink experiences in all of the regions of the country. As the only permanent host for the chat, it was great fun, but I took on some new challenges and needed time to focus on them.

In preparation for the Scotland Year of Food and Drink 2015, Scotland Food and Drink approached me and asked if the #ScotFood tag could be used to continue running themed discussions throughout 2015, which I was delighted would happen.  You’ll find information about the themes and dates here.

Hope you’ll continue with the connections you’ve made via the chat, and remember that you are very welcome to join in #ScotlandHour on the last Wednesday of the month, or #EdinHour on the second Wednesday of the month, which I continue to co-host.

New to the idea of Twitter chats? Here are some helpful hints:

Help for participants here.

Help for hosts here.

Read about setting up the first #ScotFood chat here.