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ScotFood 1Sep2014 – Scottish Food Fortnight special

A special edition of the #ScotFood chat is coming up on 1 September 2014 featuring Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight which runs from 6 – 21 September 2014.  Thanks to @Eat_Scottish for helping to suggest questions and co-host the chat.  You’re welcome to join us.  All that’s required is to include A1, A2 etc to answer the questions and the tag #ScotFood in your Tweet.  Find out more about joining in here.


The questions for 1 September 2014 at 9 pm #ScotFood are:

9:00 Introduce yourself: First Name, First part of postcode, why you’re joining #ScotFood chat

9:05 Q1 2014’s Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight kicks off on the 6th of September, how do you plan to celebrate? #ScotFood

9:15 Q2 Make Scottish food & drink central to your own #FortnightFoodAdventure. What food or drink adventures do you recommend? #ScotFood (More information available here – http://bit.ly/fortfoodadv)

9:25 Q3 What would your dream Scottish food or drink adventure be? #ScotFood

9:35 Q4 There are over a hundred events already registered on the Fortnight website! Which are you planning on attending? #ScotFood

9:55 Q5 Describe Scottish produce in five words or less. #ScotFood

10:00 #ScotFood ends for the time being.  Enjoy @Eat_Scottish and @ScotFoodDrink

This will also be the last #ScotFood chat for the moment.  I’ve decided to rest the chat for the time being, having run it for 16 months, and had lots of fun doing so.  We’ve showcased each area of the Scotland during this time, but having taken on some additional responsibilities recently, I need to devote attention to them at present.  In the meantime, there will still be #ScotlandHour which periodically features Food and Drink recommendations, and #EdinHour highlighting things to do in our capital city.

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