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Scotfood 7 July 2014 – Highlands, Argyll & Isles

Scotfood twitter chat

Scotfood twitter chat

As the north west of Scotland take their turn to host July’s ScotFood chat, make sure you’re following:  @albachick and @NorthHop who are co-hosts this month.  I’ll also Tweet out the questions @SusanMcNaughton.  At 9 pm on the 7th July we’ll be chatting on Twitter about the Scottish Food and Drink topics using the questions below.  The #ScotFood chat has been running on Twitter on the first Monday of each month for over a year now.  We move the hosting round the country, but topics are open to all for discussion, and we’ve had people join chats from all sorts of surprising places around the world.  It’s a great way to meet others who share your interests, find out about Scottish Food and Drink events, and locate small, local producers who are working hard to build their businesses.  Bloggers join to find new subjects, or to share links to articles they’ve written about aspects of food and drink around Scotland.

Questions for 7 July 2014 from 9:00 pm are:

Remember to include photographs throughout the hour of your favourite foods or recipes

9:00 Q1 Introduce yourself, first part of your postcode, reason for joining #ScotFood chat

9:05 Q2 What food experiences can we expect at events around Scotland this month? #ScotFood

9:15 Q3 Preserving – what’s your favourite fruit/veg to preserve, and how do you prepare? #ScotFood

9:30 Q4 Where’s the most scenic spot in Highlands, Argyll and Isles you have enjoyed fresh, local produce? #ScotFood

9:45 Q5 The Highlands & Scotland is full of great breweries, name your favourite beer style? #ScotFood

10:00 #ScotFood ends for this month.  Next month Edinburgh and the Lothians host on 4 August 2014.  Till then!

Follow these links you’d like some more information about how to host or how to participate.

As the only permanent host of this chat, I’m looking for extra support from you to help make this a success.  So, please let me know if you’d like to help by being a regular host (either as a regional host once every 9 months, or a regular monthly host).  Hosts are responsible for spreading the word via Twitter (or other means if you’re well connected on other networks), helping set the questions and Tweeting the questions out at the relevant time on the night of the chat.  Can you donate a few Tweets each month to help out?


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