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ScotFood Ayrshire & Arran 5 May 2014

We return to Ayrshire and Arran this month for the #ScotFood Twitter chat at 9 pm on Monday 5 May 2014.  Our hosts on Twitter are: @HowardFarm @TasteAyrshsire @BarwheysDairy and @PierslandHouse.  If you’d like to help host future chats, do let me know in the comments below.

Questions are set out below, and will be Tweeted out on the evening by our hosts, and by me, @SusanMcNaughton.  Join in the discussion by answering questions starting A1 for the answer to Q1 etc, and including #ScotFood in your answer.  If you miss the chat, you’ll be able to find summaries of each of the discussions on Storify.  If you’re still unsure why you should be joining in Twitter Chats, try this article.

5 May 2014 ScotFood Chat

9:00pm Q1 Introduce yourself, first part of your postcode, reason for joining #ScotFood chat

9:05pm Q2 What are you most looking forward to coming in to season from Ayrshire & Arran? #ScotFood

9:20pm Q3 Share a tip to help local food producers get more from Twitter? #ScotFood

9:35pm Q4 What is the most interesting food and drink combination you have had recently? #ScotFood

9:50pm Q5 Nominate a new innovative food or drink business or product. #ScotFood

10:00 pm #ScotFood chat ends

Tips for Participants here.

Tips for Hosts here.


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