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ScotFood 2 June 2014 – Grampian Hosts

ScotFood chat Grampian

A change of some of our hosts for this month’s #ScotFood chat, so follow @BerrieClaire @AGCC_Mary and @psw1588 to be sure of catching the questions from 9 pm – 10 pm on the night of 2 June 2014.  Grampion Region are the hosts, but of course everyone’s welcome to join in to discuss our favourite Scottish food and drink topics.  As we start to harvest the new season’s produce, it’s sure to be a good time to join in and find out more about what’s good to eat and drink and where to find it.

To enable everyone to prepare and research answers, we publish the questions in advance which gives you time to find out more about the topics and generate lots of good information for the chat.  If you haven’t joined in before, or need a refresher on what to do, here are hints for hosts and tips for participants.  Remember to answer the questions using A1 to answer Q1 and so on.  This allows me to pull together all the answers you give into a feature story on Storify, enabling others to find out about what we’ve been discussing and a place to find businesses who are actively seeking customers, bloggers to find subjects and connections between people who join in.

Questions for 2 June 2014:

Remember to include photographs throughout the hour of your favourite foods or recipes

9:00 Q1 Introduce yourself, first part of your postcode, reason for joining #ScotFood chat

9:05 Q2 It’s @TasteofGrampian on 7 June – tell us about your favourite foods or producers from the area #ScotFood

9:15 Q3 Strawberries, asparagus – what food do you anticipate most at this time of year and how do you prepare? #ScotFood

9:30 Q4 Preserving fruits and veg – share a favourite recipe and tell us what you’ll be storing for later months? #ScotFood

9:45 Q5 Where should we send visitors to Grampian to visit to find the best food and drink of the area? #ScotFood

10:00 #ScotFood ends for this month.  Next month Highlands and Islands, Argyll host on 7 July 2014.  Till then!

ScotFood chat Grampian


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