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Blogmanay – it’s not just for Edinburgh!

Are you blogging for your business or would your business like to host a blogger this winter?

Creating new and interesting content regularly is a great way to help visitors find out about things to do and see in your area.  For our small holiday home business, creating stories about visits to places our family likes and attractions we enjoy is our way of ensuring that more people like us find out about the properties we have in great Scottish locations.  It is helpful for people researching our area, and by being helpful we hope that this will encourage people to put us on their short-list of accommodation options. (Read more at 2edinburgh or 2crail)

Blogmanay in Edinburgh

Is your business keeping an eye on Blogmanay?

If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to write stories about your business, here’s an idea which might get you interested:  last year, Edinburgh welcomed a group of over 20 bloggers to #Blogmanay Scotland – people who used their own favourite ways to share information about their travels.  We saw photographs shared on Instagram and Twitter, blog posts, YouTube video content, more shared on Vimeo and subsequent coverage in the press – both national and local – about the campaign.  The campaign went on to win “Best Marketing Strategy” at the Scottish Event Awards.

This year, there’s going to be plenty going on and being shared about Edinburgh as a new group of bloggers take up the challenge and look for photographic, food experiences, more out-of-the-way locations and much more.  They will start their journey in Edinburgh, but will then disperse to different parts of Scotland to find out more about what there is to see and do during the winter season.

find out how to be involved with Blogmanay

Blogmanay – not just Edinburgh!

If you’d like to get involved for your business, you’ll find information about how to do so on the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Tumblr

Grab one of the #Blogmanay frames and get out and about with your smartphone or camera.

Now that the hash tag is being used in most social media platforms, you can take your pick of which one you want to use for your business, just use the #Blogmanay tag whenever you have something interesting to share about celebrating Christmas, New Year, or enjoying Scotland in the winter.

You’ll find our business mentioning Blogmanay on:

Blogs: Craigwell Cottage or Sandcastle Cottage

Twitter: @2edinburgh or @2crail

Facebook: Craigwell Cottage and Sandcastle Cottage

Pinterest Boards: Craigwell Cottage and Blogmanay in Fife

Google+: Craigwell Cottage and Sandcastle Cottage

Flickr: Blogmanay in Scotland

Blipfoto – Find all photos tagged “blogmanay” on Blipfoto

We’ll also be taking a look at Instagram for our photos when out and about enjoying the Winter Festivals around Edinburgh and Fife.  Have you found success for your business using the #Blogmanay tag? Let us know by commenting below.



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