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Tips for Hosts – ScotFood Chat

ScotFood on Twitter Hosting

The ScotFood Twitter Chats were established in June 2013 by me (@SusanMcNaughton) in my role as social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, and in consultation with Christopher Trotter (@CTScotFood), Fife’s Food Ambassador.  The idea behind the chats is to provide a regular meet up between foodies, food producers, chefs, restaurants, cafés and anyone with an interest in promoting or consuming Scottish Food and Drink.  Joining in the chat provides you with new ideas, allows you to meet new people who share your interests, and to discover more about our abundant Scottish larder.  A different region of the country provides the hosts each month, allowing others to discover more about regional differences as well as seasonal specialities.

ScotFood on Twitter Hosting

To prepare for a ScotFood chat, hosts may:

    • suggest some questions to be tweeted out at regular intervals throughout the hour – email to susan [at] susanmcnaughton.com for publication 7 days before the chat is due to take place
    • Susan will support the chat by publishing a blog post with the questions on susanmcnaughton.com
    • If hosts are also bloggers, or have a ‘news’ page on their company website, they may wish to create their own post giving information about
      • time of the chat
      • date of the chat
      • hosts for the chat
      • questions for the chat
    • encourage others to join in by Tweeting links to your own blog post, or Susan’s
    • invite Twitter friends to join in by mentioning #ScotFood in a Tweet to them
    • find out about tools to participate (signing in to TweetChat.com is a good way to participate)
    • find out about tools to record/blog afterwards
    • it’s also good to also have a way of monitoring the tag, e.g.
      • Set up a column on Hootsuite or TweetDeck
      • Save a search on your phone and monitor regularly
      • Rebelmouse – set up a page for your Tag
      • Use Storify to group Tweets after the chat and publish a story
      • Use Tweet-Tag.com to monitor participation on the day (up to 2,000 Tweets are recorded free)

During the chat hosts must:

    • Tweet out the questions at the appropriate time (useful to pre-schedule if you can as the chats can be fast!)  Be sure to start the questions with Q1… Q2 and so on and include #ScotFood in the Tweet

During the chat it’s useful for the hosts to:

    • RT or favourite Tweets that they like or find useful during the chat
    • Follow others who are joining in
    • Engage with and have conversations about the answers which arise

If you’ve hosted a #ScotFood chat – what worked for you, and what do I need to include in the list above?  Any other Twitter tools you find useful? Do let me know by commenting below.

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