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A whirlwind of Twitter chats as the seasons change

Do you join in Twitter chats?

Do you have a favourite you make a point of joining?

Are you always coming in just as the chat is over?

As always, I’ve got lots of questions springing to mind.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent rather a lot of time getting involved in Twitter chats, and sometimes it’s good to stand back a little and think about what comes from them, as well as the amount of effort which goes in.

Help for Visitors to ScotlandWhat do you do with #ScotlandHour?

As a holiday home owner, I’m on the look-out for information about my local area, things to recommend to my guests when they arrive, and what’s going on which is likely to interest people looking to book a holiday.  For that reason, I’m a keen participant in the #ScotlandHour chat.  Coming together with other businesses once a month to have a discussion around a theme is a good way of ‘virtual networking’.  It’s hoped that the #ScotlandHour chat will continue to attract more people who are looking for information on particular subjects or areas where they’d like to visit, and the plan for 2014 is to continue with the format we have at present.  There will be questions set each month around a theme.  The questions will be announced a week before the chat, thus giving everyone time to prepare answers, look out photographs to contribute, and so on.  A personal goal will be to do more with the information I find when I research for a monthly theme.  I’m a bit of a Twitter fan (yes!), and do have a tendency to prepare Tweets, join the chat and then move on, stopping only briefly to summarise the overall chat using Storify.  But a blog post summarising discoveries, or even just my own answers to the Tweets, would give a more permanent record.  Must do better.

ScotlandHour website: http://www.scotlandhour.com/

ScotlandHour on Twitter: @ScotlandHour

ScotlandHour Facebook: ScotlandHour

monthly twitter chat #EdinHourKeeping it local with #EdinHour

As one of the 6 permanent hosts of #ScotlandHour, I was approached to join a small group of independent businesses in Edinburgh to set up a similar idea in our capital city, headed up by Rob Wilkinson of the Valentine Guest House.  The idea behind #EdinHour was to boost knowledge of the immediate area in which our businesses are based.  The format is still experimental, and we’re looking for more hosts to join in and help us discover more about what’s going on in Edinburgh and what’s good to do in our local areas.  There is a distinct tourism slant to the chats which have taken place so far, but we continue to encourage more individuals to join in and see how things develop.  We have settled on a monthly date: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 9pm – 10pm.  I’m experimenting with creating Pinterest boards on my 2edinburgh Pinterest account to store the ideas which occur around the theme.  Again, using this type of chat as a holiday home owner, I’m using it for focusing on what’s happening in the city, keeping in touch with businesses which might be of interest to our visitors, and other snippets of information which emerge.  It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to blog about your business.

EdinHour website: EdinburghHour.com

EdinHour on Twitter: @EdinHour

Monthly Twitter chat - ScotFood

Tasty treats with the #ScotFood chat

As the social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, I’m always on the look out for ways we can enhance the festival.  Part of that mission is to keep the Festival at the forefront of the minds of food producers who want to come to Crail to sell their wares, and to connect with people who like to celebrate local food, or who might like to come along or get involved in the events we stage.  That was the reason behind setting up the #ScotFood chat.  However, a food chat about Fife alone, or just the village of Crail, wouldn’t meet those objectives: thus the idea for #ScotFood came about.  It happens on the first Monday of each month, between 9 pm and 10 pm.  This slot was chosen in the hope that we’d be able to reach chefs as well as others involved in the food sector.  In discussion with Fife’s Food Ambassador, Christopher Trotter, we thought that a rolling agenda with hosts from different areas of Scotland would allow each area to feature in a different season each time the chat came around to their area.  At present, the chats are mapped out through 2014, with hosts still sought for some areas.  My role in this is to seek assistance from the hosts in setting questions each month, to provide a place (on this site) where questions will be posted, or to encourage hosts to write their own blog posts listing the questions. I’m also building lists on my Twitter account to reflect those who join in or who are based in each area.

More about ScotFood: Setting up a ScotFood Twitter Chat

Role of hosts/participants: How to host ScotFood Chat/How to Participate

More Tourism Twitter Chats

Do you have any favourite tourism or food related chats on Twitter which you like to join?  Do let me know what you’re getting out of them by commenting on the post.

#TTOT – A weekly Twitter chat for keen travellers and bloggers – run at 9:30 am and 9:30 pm UK Time each Tuesday – read more here.

#FriFotos – a weekly sharing of photographs from our travels, with photographs around a theme.  The theme is announced on a Tuesday, photos are shared all day long on a Friday. More by following @FriFotos.

#TourismTuesday – is B2B networking & support for UK based tourism operators, 8 – 9pm 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month. Search out @TourismTuesday on Twitter for more.

#CottageHour – a weekly chat on Tuesdays between 8 and 9 pm where holiday home owners meet for discussion and networking.  Chats like this one are a good way to find others in your industry.  Follow @CottageHour for more information.



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