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Reporting on the first ScotFood Twitter Chat – June 2013

A quick update on the first ScotFood Twitter chat which took place on 3 June 2013.

Overall, “could have done better” would be my personal impression.  We had a few issues with the running of the chat, purely due to the fact that Twitter failed us part way through the hour.  I was using TweetChat.com to monitor the chat and participate on behalf of @CrailFoodFest.  The first indication I had was around 9:15 when everything seemed to stop…

Sorry folks. Having a technical problem here... #ScotFood
Crail Food Festival

Our host @thomsok ploughed on, reporting at around 9:40 that we were back again

Hooray, I think we are back on! #Scotfood
Kelvin Thomson

Our host @SeafoodRestau was the only one who seemed to be able to Tweet out the second question (which was due to go at 9:20)

Q2 What type of food do you think best describes/reflects what Fife has to offer? #ScotFood
Tim Butler

I’d scheduled the questions to go out via Hootsuite – but when Twitter stopped working, the scheduled questions failed to go – so my questions scheduled for 9:10 and 9:20 are missing from Twitter.

A lesson in running a TweetChat? Or just bad luck?

Good News from ScotFood

Results from the first #ScotFood


We had a good turnout from the Scottish food and drink community, with over 100 people joining in during the hour, and the chat continuing for another hour afterwards as people struck up conversations and chatted to people they’d met within the hour.

A personal favourite came from a conversation between @Balgove and @flintriverltd about buying locally sourced lobster which started before the chat, and continued after.  The sort of advice which can flow when Twitter is used as a way of connecting people who want information with others who have it.

Chat during ScotFoodWe had a wide cross section from the Scottish Food and Drink scene joining in, with restaurants, farm shops, a food festival, producers, suppliers, food writers and food bloggers joining in.  And those that missed it were really sorry! But even an apology led to some fun chat.

Twitter   scotfoodjames  Very sorry  been out tonight ...


If you’d like to review the Tweets from ScotFood, I’ve pulled them together “First ScotFood Twitter Chat” on Storify for you.  If you’re a food blogger you will find a rich seam of content flowing through this which you might use to create a post.  Let me know by commenting below if you do.  If you participated, equally we’d like to know some top tips for growing and progressing from this somewhat shaky beginning.

Next month’s ScotFood chat will be hosted by @ScottishDeli, @ScarletBakery, @SarahMellersh (and you, if you’d like to join in?) – details of the forthcoming schedule “Setting up a ScotFood Twitter Chat“.  The hosts will be looking for suggestions for questions, and themes to showcase the food and drink of Perthshire, Dundee and Angus.  Help them out by following them, making suggestions and joining in next time on 1 July 2013 at 9-10 pm.  Put the date in your diary now – you could find out something new!



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  • Brenda Anderson June 4, 2013, 9:56 am

    Definitely bad luck Susan! The approach and launch was super organised so credit to all involved. At 9.15pm my tweet deck looked like it was timing out and after a few attempts to reset I worked out it had crashed. Arrgghh!

    Preparation being the key I decided to get a little ahead and type up the question answers. I tried until 10pm, but my tweet deck just keep spinning round and round. Frustrating to say the least! So here were my answers to the questions (At what would have been the A2 point I took a phone call to congratulate Tasting Scotland on reaching number 11 of Trip Advisor activities to do in Glasgow. (And this morning I have just been told we have moved into the Top 10! Fantastic!)).

    What seasonal food are you enjoying at the moment?

    A1 Rhubarb Compote from Kellie Castle Garden made in my Thermomix #ScotFood

    A1 Also the compote great folded into custard for a fool….no not you 😉 #ScotFood

    A1 Rhubarb, vanilla & fresh mint Soup. Served cold. Delicious. #ScotFood

    Foodstagramming? Views
    A3 Some restaurants in NYC have banned it but why really? #ScotFood

    A3 A picture = 1000 words! Printing industry for logo’d plates should do well! #ScotFood

    A3 Takers of great art on a plate photos can almost never replicate so no big deal #ScotFood

    A3 Maybe if I was a ground breaking chef rather than a good chef I would be concerned though! #ScotFood

    Food Experience with a difference? Where?

    A4 @craigmillar food ace, iconic loc., will give me 10% off next time I bring a group? 😉 #ScotFood

    A4 The Lobster Store at Crail Harbour on a nice sunny day with BYOB bubbles. #ScotFood

    Open Discussion
    Family Foodie Fun Day 30 Jun. N&S Queensferry . Details www 2moro. #ScotFood

    Lightning never strikes twice so see you all on the 1st July!

    • Susan June 4, 2013, 9:04 pm

      Thanks Brenda! Lots of great answers. I was using Hootsuite, TweetChat and my iPhone but just had to sit and wait for Twitter to return. Here’s hoping for a smooth run for the hosts on 1 July.

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