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Questions for the first ScotFood Twitter chat 3 June 2013

The first ScotFood Twitter chat will take place on Monday 3 June 2013 at 9 – 10 pm.  To participate, follow one or more of the hosts for the Fife Focus who will Tweet out the questions:






Timing and questions will be:

03/06/2013 21:00 Welcome to the first #ScotFood chat – introduce yourself and what your business does, or why you’re interested in Scottish Food & Drink
03/06/2013 21:10 Q1 What seasonal Fife food are you enjoying at the moment? How do you cook/prepare? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:20 Q2 What type of food do you think best describes/reflects what Fife has to offer? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:30 Q3 What do you think of “foodstagramming” in restaurants? #ScotFood (via @MissKazzieB)
03/06/2013 21:40 Q4 Where in Fife would you visit for a food experience with a difference? #ScotFood
03/06/2013 21:50 Open discussion – any questions for other participants? Chance to promote your business or event #ScotFood
03/06/2013 22:00 Thank you for joining #Scotfood – next month, Perthshire, Dundee & Angus 1-Jul-13 at 9 – 10 pm

ScotFood Hosts

Hosts will help the chat along by:

  • Tweeting out invitations to the chat to their contacts in advance, or mentioning the chat at appropriate gatherings, within networks etc
  • Prepare questions in advance and ensure that the Tweets go out  at the correct time.
  • Favourite or RT good contributions from participants
  • Discourage “spamming” of the chat by asking those making random contributions to keep on topic, or blocking persistent offenders
  • Encourage further contributions by engaging with participants
  • Follow others who’ve participated

This is an experiment, a way to see if we can help you to make useful connections around Scotland with others who are interested in food and drink around the country, to help you discover new producers and suppliers, to help you discover restaurants using Scottish produce, and to welcome visitors to and around Scotland who may be interested in tasting the food you enjoy.

ScotFood Participants

How to join in:

Set up a search on Twitter for the tag #ScotFood so that you can see Tweets on the tag.  You might like to use a service such as Tweetchat.com,  Hootsuite.com or Tweetdeck.com to help you keep track.

  • At 9 pm, send a Tweet introducing yourself to the other participants, making sure to include #ScotFood at the end of your Tweet.
  • Answer questions using the format – A1 ….. #Scotfood
  • Join in by discussing answers with other participants
  • After the chat, follow others who’ve joined in
  • If you’ve found out something new, or have new material for a blog post or website article, let us know by continuing to use the tag #ScotFood
  • Invite others to join in, and join again next month

Let us know if you have any good ideas for questions for the next ScotFood chat – you can find the schedule and subject matter here.  We’re looking for hosts/ideas/venues to host Tweetups/ potential sponsors to help out.  Just let us know by commenting below.

Look forward to Tweeting you!









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  • Tricia Bey June 3, 2013, 7:39 pm

    A great idea. I’ve been envious of Devonhour for a while. I’m sure it will be a big success.

    • Susan June 3, 2013, 7:44 pm

      You mean ScotlandHour has passed you by? Glad to have caught you for ScotFood! Let’s see how it works…

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