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Kick start your blogging in 2013

Blogging for your self-catering holiday home

hints for self-catering holiday home owners

Blog your business in 2013

  1. Keep a notebook for jotting down ideas.  One per page, leaving room for plotting out what you’re going to include
  2. Find your niche – think about the guests you’re trying to attract.  Who will read your blog, and what will their interests be?
  3. Be yourself – and always be positive!  If you haven’t enjoyed an experience at a local attraction or business, find some other way to tell them. Leave them out of your write-up rather than publish criticism.
  4. Use your camera.  Take lots of photographs, then select one or two to illustrate your articles
  5. Write up a schedule for publishing your blogs, then stick to it.
  6. Solve problems for people.  Think about what causes problems when people are on holiday in your area, then write a blog to solve the problem e.g. what to do when it rains on holiday.
  7. Get to know your area.  You’ve bought a holiday home, but chances are you may live in another area.  Spend time researching the best local places to go, and visit them yourself.
  8. Amplify your message.  Get more people to read your blog by posting links to it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.
  9. Read current articles about your area – magazines, other blogs, news sites etc.
  10. Keep it short.  Plenty of short posts about a subject will keep it fresh.  Look for different angles rather than writing screeds.
  11. Write good titles.  They’re important for all sorts of reasons.
  12. Get yourself onto e-mailing lists – lots of local businesses will send out newsletters.  You can use them to spark ideas.
  13. Write posts for others, and if you’re reading their articles, leave comments and encouragement.

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  • Maria Richardson January 1, 2013, 5:38 pm

    Great tips Susan. I find good titles so difficult to create and they are very subjective. I like the idea of subscribing to local business emails.

    The only thing that I would add is that if you are passionate about something don’t be afraid to share that passion with your readers.

    Happy New Year!


    • Susan January 1, 2013, 9:37 pm

      Yes, Maria. Great addition: being passionate about your subject should shine through. With titles it needs to be snappy enough to grab the attention of your reader, but also contain key words to help get your article found in search.

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