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Using Lists on Twitter to build a Community for UK Holiday Home owners

As the owner of two lovely holiday cottages – Sandcastle Cottage, Crail and Craigwell Cottage, Edinburgh – I’ve been looking for creative ways to use Twitter to build a community of people who also run holiday cottages, and who are actively using their Twitter presence to promote their local area and events.  In short, people who share our interests.

To try to build the community, I’ve encouraged other holiday home owners to follow a list I’m building on Twitter for owners of UK Holiday Homes – you can see the list here.

If you’re an owner of a holiday home in the UK, and are independently marketing it, I’d love to hear from you – you can Tweet me at @2crail or @2edinburgh and I’ll add your holiday home to the list.

If you’re getting started on Twitter, and looking to build a following or to find out what other holiday home owners use Twitter for, then you can follow the list by becoming a subscriber – as these users have already. Or, if you’d like to build your engagement with other holiday home owners, you could follow the people on the list and send them a Tweet to say that you’ve found them on my list and say hello!

Let’s try to build up some expertise in using Twitter in our little community – if you’ve got a tip you’d like to share with others in your field, then let’s share it!  Leave a comment on this post, including your Twitter name and let’s see what we can build.

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  • Petra June 14, 2011, 9:58 pm

    Carol, from lets-unwind.com, had the lovely idea of adding each others links to our own web sites under “our friends places” . Its a great way to make friends and fabulous advertising! Best if luck with this blog x

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