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What to do if you’ve ‘overfollowed’ on Twitter

I got carried away with following too many people on Twitter on one of my accounts (@2edinburgh) and hit the 2000 following limit without ensuring that I had engaged with enough people en route.  Twitter keeps an eye on the following-to-follower ratio, so won’t allow you to follow more people unless a similar number follow you back.  So I needed to pare back the number of folks I was following to allow my follower numbers to catch up.

I found the tool UnTweeps.com very helpful – it allows you to see who hasn’t Tweeted for a while and unfollow them by simply ticking a box. You can set the inactivity range to “Hasn’t Tweeted for 30 days” or 60 days etc.

Problem is I just get so INTERESTED in things and hit that follow button too often!  Must learn to curb my enthusiasm.
Next task…sorting out my Twitter lists (again): wish me luck!

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  • Dougie Baird April 2, 2011, 8:04 pm

    Thanks very much for solving my twitter problem.
    I now follow people that use Twitter properly.

    Cheers Dougie

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