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Talk to Blog – a new way forward?

Typing – just can’t do it as fast as I speak.  But what if…. I could speak text?  Would that get my blog posts up and out there more quickly?  I’d like to think so.

This morning, while reading a post by a friend in a Facebook Group I belong to, I read about a  Google app in development: Google Voice – an application currently available in the USA, but not yet available here in the UK.  But hopefully on its way here soon.

What my friend had done though, was make the connection between the possibilities of this app and getting your blog done by leaving yourself a voicemail and then having the text sent back to you – all ready to insert into a blog post.  Which got me thinking…

I’ve been having lots of discussions with my daughter recently about how technology developments can help her as she has a specific learning issue related to dyslexia.  It’s not a subject I know much about, but I have a bright, intelligent daughter who finds the prospect of a blank page which she has to fill incredibly intimidating.  So I’m always on the look out for ideas which will help her overcome the gap between getting what is being produced in her active mind down onto paper.

I’m off on a journey of discovery this morning then – to seek out an application that she can use with her iPod touch which will allow her to speak her thoughts to the iPod touch and then get them onto paper without the tedious bit in the middle of sitting writing on that blank page.  Can it be done?

I do some Google searching, and find some blogs about speech to text apps – but the blogs are old, so I’m wondering which ones to give credence to.  When I say ‘old’ I realise that I’ve already made a judgement: I’m rejecting blogs which were written in 2009!  18-months is a long time in the fast-moving world of iPhone/iPod development.

I find shoutOUT – but it looks like it’s restricted to text-sized messages, and works best with North American English (so we’ll have to adopt our mid-Atlantic twang learned from too much exposure to the Disney Channel!)

I find RibbitMobile – a company offering to transcribe voicemail to text: but their last blog post was July 2010 – I sign up for beta testing of the app, but don’t hold out much hope. And I notice it’s going to cost $30 per month.  Is that value for the uses I’m going to put it to?

I find iSpeech – which is the technology supporting hands free use of mobile phones while driving – apps like ‘DriveSafely’ – which sends text messages when you speak to your phone while driving.

But two or three of the items I’ve been reading are mention Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice recognition software, and I find one article which specifically links this to productivity for blogging.  So a quick trip to the Apps store and I’ve got my Dragon Dictation app installed – now I’m off to experiment.  Thanks Craig!

After much research I settled on Dragon dictation as our speech to tweet app
Susan McNaughton

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