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Great personal service saves the day at Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, Craigleith Retail Park, Edinburgh

Snowy weather at Marks & Spencer

We’ve had abnormal weather conditions during the last two weeks in Edinburgh. So much so, that when I was making lists of things I still needed to do for Christmas last week, I checked out how many of my ‘to dos’ could be accomplished by an on-line order.

We have a local branch of Marks and Spencer which has been upgraded from ‘Simply Food’ to include a reasonable selection from their ranges of clothes and household items too. As I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go to one of the larger stores to select some clothing for Christmas presents, I decided to make an on-line order and request delivery to the small local store.

The order was placed on 6 December for delivery to my local store on the 10th. On the 8th I got an email to say the order was on it’s way. So on the 10th I braved the elements and went to the store to collect my order. Not possible. Deliveries hadn’t got through. It was suggested that I call the store before coming in again.

On the 12th I got another email to say that the goods were in store, and reminding me to go and pick them up. So this morning, I headed back to the store to collect my order. Not possible. Deliveries hadn’t got through. This time though, Jean, the member of staff on the Collections Desk, did a really thorough check because she couldn’t understand why the delivery wasn’t there and wondered if the order had maybe arrived and been put away in the wrong place. But no, no trace of the order could be found.

When I said that I was beginning to worry that the order would be sent back as I hadn’t picked it up, and yes I did still want the items, and could even see the size and colour of one of the items I was looking for hanging on the rail nearby she suggested that I take a look and see if the others were in store, and she’d deal with the cancellation of the order. All this was done as a pleasant exchange and with her earnest desire that I got the goods I’d ordered without having to return for a third time to collect them.

By the time I got back to the desk, Jean was dealing with another customer who had the same problem – emails telling them goods were there, but items not yet in store. There’s a flaw in the system – emails are being sent out automatically without clearly being linked to an on-line tracking system which traces where the goods are, but Jean is working valiantly to help customers who are on the receiving end of this mis-communication, and I’d like to commend her for excellent customer service.

Have you an example of service where someone goes the extra mile to help out? What did you do to reward it?

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